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Other remote control for Anadol Eco4K?


New EFE Member
My dog distroyed my Anadol remotecontrol. I can still us my box per Webif. Is there an image where I can choose another remotecontrol ? I have a VU+, AX60 and Mutant HD1200 remote. I would like to use one of them...Thanks in advance.


openNFR Team
I don't know if it is possible for the Anadol.
Please look at this thread.
In this example, another remote control can be selected.


New EFE Member
Thank you for your answer. I´m used to Openpli. In Openpli, most of the time I can select several remotes. In this box, OpenATV is running. I can only select a Dreambox remote (i still have a Dreambox500 remote) or a strange number. The DB500 will not work.
I suppose I have to buy a new one...